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23-Dec-2019 14:04

They’re both prepositions which mean: You can find out more about among and amongst on the Oxford Dictionaries blog, as well as a breakdown of the differing levels of usage for the two words.

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But in reality, “shouga nai” is far more complex and, in some people’s minds, central to Japanese culture.

But step back and think about them a little longer, and (especially) try to translate them to English.

The sentence you end up with probably sounds clunky and downright strange.

Basic example — at work, where maybe it would be easier to do one thing, but since said thing has been done one way for a long time, you just default to that.

“Shouga nai.” The reason this phrase proves so slippery to translate is because it comes with a lot of cultural weight requiring more nuance to discuss. Are you just fed up with something, and don’t want to bother doing it anymore. “Mendokusai” usually gets deployed in situations when you have to do something annoying or unnecessary. You can also use it when receiving a gift from someone, as a way of showing gratitude (by way of showing how much you don’t deserve it).When someone does something without much effort, or does the bare minimum to get a task done, you would scold them by using “tekitou,” basically as a way to tell them not to phone it in.

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