Dating marshall cabinet

30-Nov-2019 14:44

To date your speaker, simply find the pair of letters in your date code and use the chart at the top of the page to decipher them.

A number directly next to the pair of letters, if present, is the day of the month.

The date code is still on the front gasket but with a smaller font size.

Any greenback speakers with pre-April 1968 date codes printed on the chassis leg are likely to be fakes.

Celestion date codes are located on the front gasket, the chassis, or a magnet sticker.

To date your speaker, simply find the pair of letters within the date code – these represent the month and year of manufacture: Then use the reference table below to decipher them.

If you do ever find a letter ‘I’ in your Celestion date codes it is just a typo and should be a letter ‘J’.

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For dating purposes it is useful to know these are only usually present on speakers made between 1969 to 1976.

Leading zeros are usually omitted from the day of the month, eg ‘6’ instead of ’06’.

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