Dating life in new york city

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I literally have had women come up to me to tell me they wished I were straight. Only an idiot will pay to get into a club or pay for a bottle.Then when I told them it was their lucky day, they'd ask me to prove it. Promoters, promoters, promoters — they're everywhere. If you want to get in for 100% and drink for free, then get to know some.Even those you consider to be your friends are likely to drift off on their own or with different groups from time to time, leaving you on your lonesome.If it's true for New York, then it's true for life.7. If you are going to party in the City then it's best avoid the weekends — unless you are going to Williamsburg. Seriously, the most fun I ever had going out was with my group of gay boys.As long as you can bring at least one sexy woman, then you'll have no problems.10. Women are likely to go out to hang with the girls or to dance around a bonfire of unlit purses.15.If people think you have money, they'll ask you for it. Most girls are clear on what they want and will let you know. Women, on the other hand, seem to like to go out for the specific purpose of not getting laid. Price is not an issue if the cocktail is good enough.I've seen guys go up to bouncers at clubs wearing suits — you know, the finance types. Tell them they need to get a table and buy some bottles. When people think you have money, then they will try to take advantage of you. If they are down for some unadulterated fornication, then asking them to watch a movie is a great way to 'hint' at it.13. When guys go out, they go out to either get drunk or to get laid — usually both. Prices in NYC are high no matter what market we're talking about.

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The bus system in New York is fine when going uptown or downtown, but crosstown is a nightmare.

I always lucked out with my apartments, but some apartments that I visited were basically glorified closets.

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