Dating job hunting

06-Sep-2020 03:21

However, due to recent life circumstances I now find myself back in the dating field and doing so online.Now if you haven’t already picked this up from the title of the blog, no I am not single (sorry ladies).Dates are certainly not as romantic as interviews, but both share a common purpose: If the ocean has plenty of fishes, then the job market offers many careers to consider.But despite having a wide variety of choices, you end up looking for the one that your heart desires. After taking many chances, someone called you in to meet. Then you took a deep breath, looked yourself in the mirror, and left with grace because today you’ll meet your potential employer.Suddenly you felt happy, anxious, scared, and worried at the same time. – Anonymous Who says you’ll only have your nerves racked in first dates?

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And having the blessing of finding my wife as my lab partner in college I never had to enter the daunting and confusing world of online dating. But first, you have to believe us when we tell you that job hunting is a lot like dating – or at least looking to get one. Here are 10 reasons why dating and job searching practically have the same rules. And like most married men I believed that this was the official end to the dating season of my life.(That colored underline word is a link, you should click on it especially if you are hiring an engineer in the Metro Detroit Area.) Now that I have this profile that signals to all the company recruiters that I am available, I use the website to look at openings that I am interested in.

I know I may be a catch, but it doesn’t hurt to also do a little looking around. No not shot gunning natty lights to pick up woman but rather casting a wide net to any job I am remotely qualified for and sorting them out later.

Keep in mind that rejection happens for a reason: It’s not meant for you.