Dating hohokam canals

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Sin embargo, por lo menos algunos sedimentos parecen registrar inclinaciones menos precisas que las declinaciones.

En estos casos, un método de datación consiste en comparar los valores de las declinaciones de estos sedimentos con las curvas maestras de declinaciones.

After more than 12 centuries of occupation, Snaketown was abandoned sometime between A. 11, but the Hohokam continued to live in scattered, smaller settlements up and down the valley. After the last dig, archaeologists, using bulldozers, filled the 300-acre site with dirt to protect the remains from weather.

The Snaketown site was designated Hohokam Pima National Monument in 1972, but it remains closed to the public.

The Pima Indians, who are thought to be related to the Hohokam people, have made it clear that they do not want non-Indian visitors admitted to the archaeological sites on their reservation.

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The Hohokam people, named after a modern Pima Indian word meaning "that which has vanished," are believed to have been the first irrigationists in what is now the United States.

The problems with dating prehistoric canals are renowned, due to the fact they seldom contain material appropriate for traditional dating methods.