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02-May-2020 02:35

Breasts are breasts, and however big or small they are, you shouldn’t validate your authentic self based on the size of your body parts.

If your special someone is going to evaluate you based solely on that, well, I guess he is not that special.

That means you won’t have to bother with putting on balms and creams, and covering up at the beach, thanks to your stria-free twins![Read: 8 easy ways to love your body no matter its size] Now that you’ve realized there are a lot of aesthetic, personal, physical, social, and pragmatic benefits from having small breasts, go ahead and gratify yourself with a daily mental reminder: Being flat is flattering.After all, there are no small breasts, only hands too big.People won’t ask your permission to touch them or ask redundant questions such as, “Are they real? ” [Read: 8 ways to know if a girl’s boobs are fake] #8 You can go to the beach with your family. We all know how summer can be difficult and uncomfortable, especially when it’s hotter than the latest pics of Zac Efron’s naked torso.

You can just chill while tanning and not be super conscious about your father feeling uncomfortable when every single dude is salivating over your bikini boobs. You are barely wearing your soul, just imagine if you also had to wear a tight bra.

But gradually, you will learn to be grateful for them.

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