Dating groove

25-Sep-2019 15:14

Although not found in Pennsylvania, special axe grinding slabs have been found in the western United States.

In order to attain a very high polish, the final rubbing takes place on a charred piece of wood.

Full grooved and ¾ grooved axes were hafted slightly differently as can be observed in the figure below.

The functional differences, however, are not clear.

Depending on the degree of stone that needed to be removed to reach the desired shape, axes are first chipped to remove excess material or if only a small amount of material needs to be removed, they are pecked into shape.

The pecking process involves using a stone hammer and repeatedly but carefully striking the axe blank, removing small pieces of the surface.

In addition, sometimes the groove is bordered by a ridge on one or both sides and sometime there is a double groove.

It is assumed that this was part of the hafting method but again, the functional differences are not clear.

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An axe blade or head, is hafted parallel to the handle rather than perpendicular to the handle as in hoes or adzes.There are two basic axe forms; chipped axes and pecked and polished axes.