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05-Dec-2019 18:54

The double standard can be seen everywhere in a world where plus-size dancers get trolled for ‘promoting obesity,’ while thin celebrities like Chrissy Teigen and Jennifer Lawrence are applauded for showing how down to earth they are for eating fast food.”— Renee Cafaro, editor of plus-size fashion magazine SLi NK“We deal with a fair share of cyber bullying and fat shaming under the guise of ‘health policing.’ The truth is there is no way anyone could know the vital health records of anyone from Instagram.”— Renee Cafaro“The biggest thing I do is just listen and pursue what makes me happy and feel my best.For me, that’s dancing a couple times a week because it makes me laugh and feel sexy.

Feeling good, having great skin, having energy from getting enough sleep, and eating well are their own rewards, rather than trying to compare a dress size.”— Marianna Leung, curvy blogger and designer“Back in college in 2001, I finally quit a lifetime of crash dieting, prescription diet pills, and disordered eating, mainly because I couldn’t take the heart palpitations anymore.

He added: "Why the hell should guys show their height if women won't show their weight. A girl doesn't like a guy because of his height? When I used to use Tinder I believe one of the lines in the about me section was ‘I’m fatter in person’ and it honestly wasn’t a deal-breaker to a lot of men." And one person pointed out: "Why not both settings for everyone?

Some men are turned off by taller women, and some women are turned off by fatter men." For more bonkers stories, this Bridezilla kicked a wedding guest out of her reception for "showing off" his military uniform.

“Some people just weigh more than others because they have more muscle and bone mass.”It’s time to rethink our definition of health with respect to weight.

So we asked five plus-sized female bloggers to share their definition of health.“Thin people also have disease or engage in unhealthy habits, yet they do not face relentless comments from strangers ‘concerned for their health’ or claiming they are a bad influence.

“I don’t let my weight hold me back from anything, or torture me into thinking I have to do something [exercise or diet-related] to be a better human,” says Jessica Torres, in the left and right images. Photos via @thisisjessicatorres and Chubby Struggles. In the media we consume daily, women in smaller bodies are spokespeople for healthy lifestyles.

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