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17-Feb-2020 09:51

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Furthermore, instead of meeting the love of their lives, they end up battling feelings of loneliness and frustration.

So just what are some of the top fears single women and men face?

Fear #3: She’s afraid her new partner isn’t what he seems to be.

One of the charms of dating is that, especially in the beginning stages, we put our best foot forward.

The fear of not measuring up to societal standards — even though those standards are absurdly unrealistic — can breed intense insecurity, jealousy, and low self-esteem.

This fear even comes with several bothersome byproducts: Suspicions that her man is checking out every good-looking woman who passes by, fear that he is going to leave her for someone more eye-catching, feeling threatened by other attractive women, and exaggerated dread of the aging process (not to mention swimsuit season).

Fear of Being Vulnerable Closely connected to the fear of rejection, some single Christians hold their feelings so close to themeselves that others can never get to truly know them. They will only let you get so close, and then they mysteriously back away.

You are definitely not alone in your fears, and there is help for you.

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