Dating during a divorce georgia law

19-Feb-2020 04:02

If your motivation for seeking a divorce in Tennessee is because your husband or wife deserts you, the state’s family laws allow you to file for divorce on those grounds.

However, there are certain requirements and burdens of proof you must satisfy to do so.

Moreover, Georgia courts allow either spouse to file a divorce petition on no-fault grounds, even if the party filing the petition is the spouse who commits adultery during the separation.

Most couples in Georgia who file for a divorce use the no-fault ground since it minimizes the duration of the divorce proceedings and eliminates the emotional efforts involved when publicizing the intimacies of your marriage and the resulting adultery to the court.

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Filing for a divorce in Georgia on no-fault grounds doesn’t require you to prove to the court that your spouse is guilty of adultery in order to legally dissolve the marriage.” “If my ex tries to relocate outside of Georgia […] How do you choose the best custody lawyer or law firm?