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Ives also helped Currier interview potential artists and craftsmen.

The Currier and Ives firm branched out from its central shop in New York City to sell prints via pushcart vendors, peddlers, and book stores.Currier & Ives made the famous American lithographs marked with their name from 1857 to 1907. Many reprints of the Currier or Currier & Ives prints have been made.The mark used on the print included the street address in New York City, and it is possible to date the year of the original issue from this information. The Currier & Ives name appeared on all the prints; so if it does not appear on yours, it is either a copy or a trimmed print—both of which are less valuable than untrimmed originals.As new techniques were developed, publishers began to produce full-color lithographs that gradually developed softer, more painterly effects. Tait became famous when their paintings were reproduced as lithographs.

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Skilled artist lithographers such as John Cameron, Fanny Palmer, and others became known for their work and signed important pieces. Currier and Ives was the most prolific and successful company of lithographers in the U. Its lithographs represented every phase of American life, and included the themes of hunting, fishing, whaling, city life, rural scenes, historical scenes, clipper ships, yachts, steamships, the Mississippi River, Hudson River scenes, railroads, politics, comedy, gold mining, winter scenes, commentary on life, portraits, and still lifes.Biography: Currier and Ives was a successful American printmaking firm headed by Nathaniel Currier (1813–1888) and James Merritt Ives (1824–1895) based in New York City from 1834 to 1907.