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13-Oct-2020 12:38

The new series that was a mash-up of Lord of the Flies and Nickelodeon's best game show ever, Legends of the Hidden Temple , (that’s a TBT double header right there) sent 40 kids, ages 8-15, into a desert ghost town (former movie set) to build a society from scratch. It’s when you drive slowly past a car crash because your instincts are saying “MUST SEE DESTRUCTION IN PROGRESS." And that’s what it’s like to watch Kid Nation.While Kid Nation creator Tom Forman had intended for the show to lean towards social experimentation and not reality competition, the siren song of Hollywood won the day for higher-ups at CBS. The entire series is available on You Tube for your viewing pleasure and the experience will be exponentially enhanced if you follow along with Huff Post’s incredible liveblog of the show.It was a rough time in our great country’s history — it was 2007.And, within the borders of our own United States, a new nation arose. The CBS reality show aired only one season before getting axed due to highly questionable legality and a boatload of controversy, but not before it found its way into our hearts and minds forever.

Here’s how producers structured the show: kids are divided into four teams: Red District, Green District, Blue District, and Yellow District.Here are some choice segments:"I understand that the Program may take place in inherently dangerous travel areas that may expose the Minor and other participants to a variety of unmarked and uncontrollable hazards and conditions that may cause the Minor serious bodily injury, illness or death, including, without limitation: general exposure to extremes of heat and cold; water hazards …crevasses, cliffs, and rock avalanches; encounters with wild or domesticated animals; acts of God (e.g., earthquakes)"Um, anyone else notice that CBS made someone sign a contract blaming the potential death of their child on GOD?!Click here to watch But, while you can't look away, there are plenty of things about Kid Nation that'll force you to think, "WTF, who thought this was a good idea?

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" And so, here are the most pressing 8 things that make this show totally bonkers. As The Smoking Gun reported in 2007, CBS had the parents sign an INSANE waiver before sending their kids off to Bonanza City (LOL, “Bonanza City”).

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