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Once valued for their intended purpose, today they are collected and valued for their design, size, raw materials, maker, craftsmanship, adornment, embossing, paint, patina, and condition.

Design and embellishments have allowed coffee grinders to be viewed as pieces of art, and increasingly valued as such; however, more so at shows and markets than the prices realized at auctions.

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Also, a series of cast iron coffee mills were made and patterned after those made by Enterprise Mfg. They were introduced around the turn of the century and featured a unique six-spoke design on the double-wheel models.

One of the most popular coffee mills for grinding larger amounts of coffee in the general store was the Enterprise Model No. Manufactured between 18, it stood 42 inches high, had 25-inch diameter wheels and weighed about 140 pounds. Such mills became status symbols for those general store owners who could afford them. Today, wall-mounted, box-shaped, table-mounted, one-wheel, and two-wheel mills and other types of commercial and household grinders from the 19th and the first half of the 20th century, are all highly collectible and run the gamut from rustic to highly ornate and decorative.

Even at their most primitive, collectors value them for their design, history, and quality of craftsmanship.

These painted attractions put coffee front and center at a time when coffee as a beverage was gaining wider consumer consumption.

Models for the home were not widely available until the end of the century, but the experience of watching the beans get ground in a store has never lost its consumer appeal.Because these glass canisters were easily broken and not the nearly indestructible as a cast iron base, inspect the glass and speak with the dealer to learn whether it is original to the piece or a reproduction created to look like the original.