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Not to mention, this strategy has a tendency to backfire, as many people quickly lose interest when they don't think someone cares.What you should do instead, Schwartz says, "is show your interest and see what response you get." If you're both feelin' it, let each other know and go from there."Hold to your standards and core values, but also recognize that all people have flaws (including you) and that’s OK."As mentioned above, it's toxic to try to be someone you're not.And yet, when you're in the market to meet someone new, it can be just as toxic to keep doing the same thing while expecting different results."When you take that approach to dating, you are setting a countdown timer and you have to find 'the one' before you get so fed up that you give up on looking."Instead, "try listening to your gut a little bit more," he says."You might not know if a potential date is [right for you,] but there's a pretty good chance when you can tell that they aren't."Many people are quick to tell their friends that they need to "get back out there" in order to recover after a breakup.Sure, you might strike it lucky and meet a cool person on your way to work. As Bennett says, "The best way to make sure you meet the right person is to actually take the initiative in dating." Join meet ups, try a dating app, go out with friends, and be open to new experiences — all of which will open up the chances of the right person coming along.While it's obviously fine to have high standards when it comes to dating, it's not healthy to be on the lookout for a "perfect" person — as they simply don't exist."If you’re expecting your date to be some impossible ideal, you’ll never be happy," Bennett says.

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Doing so, as many people say, not only ruins your date's opinion of you, but also ruins your chances of ever seeing them again. "No one should have sex unless they to," Darné says.

While partners If you've ever been told to get out there and date as many people as you can, feel free to ignore it.