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20-Jul-2020 16:10

A ‘couple’ were arguing in front of some patients and it got kinda wordy, they got a good diddle paddle from their chief.When the new chick came into that dept, I’m sure you can guess what happened Moral is, don’t date within your area. It’s not gonna end well unless you’re the 1/100 exception It happens.These teammates call a 560 foot-long steel boat with no windows, no fantail, and in the event of a casualty – no easy escape - home. Every submariner is familiar with the dangers involved with living and travelling the world's seas underwater can bring.But they go to sea anyway, cruising below the ocean’s stealth and concealment.Most people just can’t handle the thought of being underwater, but submariners never really think about it.We try to tell people that being submerged at 400 feet is just like sitting on your couch in the living room, but I guess they just can’t get past having that much water above their heads.” “Earning your Dolphins is what signifies to the rest of the crew that you can and will be trusted with our lives,” said Electronics Technician 2nd Class (SS) Joseph Brugeman.The following story is about the life onboard a ballistic missile submarine whose main mission is the strategic defense of our nation as it is loaded with nuclear ballistic missiles that can be launched from below the surface from anywhere in the world's oceans.Meet Machinist’s Mate 3rd Class Trevor Kopp and his 154 teammates who all are stationed in King’s Bay, Georgia, one of the Navy's submarine bases.

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“To be a submariner you have to be different,” said Murtha.

“It takes a unique mindset to handle being isolated from people, the sun, and fresh air as long as we are.

Want to learn about deploying, finances, mental health, cross-rating, and more? There’s a bunch of morons who date each other in my clinic and others as well.

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Usually it’s 18-21 year olds who end up ‘dating’ then when the new female boot gets there, they get swarmed and it causes a lot of internal problems.

In this iteration, it proudly states, “Not for self but for country.” This is a stalwart indication of uncompromised character and integrity.

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