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22-Jul-2020 09:42

We totally understood that meet pilots and also flight attendants are very busy.Are you confused regarding have no time to find a lover despite you are always seeking them?However, where my husband currently works, the flight attendants are told to “keep an eye on” and report pilots for misbehavior.This sounds reasonable, until you understand that taking cookies from the galley without asking a flight attendant or being in the restroom too long is means for a write up. If the passengers aren’t offered food, neither are the pilots.Ahhhh, you have four hours between connecting flights and you spot your airline’s lounge. ), but I get it, it’s nice to look presentable and represent your company well. S., they’re more lenient about uniforms; you can pick your own slacks, shoes and belt, then use company-provided credit to go on their uniform website and select your uniform shirts.They provide the epilates and tie, but a hat is out of your own pocket.That’s right ladies and gents, I see my husband for about a week a month. destinations are limited, so he pays full fare to meet his airline in New York, Atlanta or Dallas, and then spends 16 hours to get all the way back to Taiwan before he can be the flying pilot. A Crash Pad is an apartment or home filled with bunk beds that holds as many pilots as possible.

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For the most part, pilots and flight attendants are friendly with one another (but international companies don’t want them to be too friendly, so they place them in separate hotels on layovers).Still their are many pros and cons apart from listed(due to category of airline/fleet in which they are working so I can't list all)If you love your pilot by heart then adjust with the cons and enjoy the pilot wife life which is full of thrills.