Dating a firearm by serial number

11-Aug-2020 00:29

The take over happened in 2010 so serial numbers starting with the numbers 90XXXXXX need to examined closely as that was a transition year. There is some confusion about how Marlin Firearms used their serial numbers to ID the year of manufacture.

Those with 89XXXXXX, or if any with 88XXXXXX will be all Remington and probably say Illion N. Some people are under the belief that all one has to do is “subtract the first two digits of the serial number from 2000 and that is the year of manufacture”. In order to find the year of manufacture one needs to know the **first two character’s** of the serial number as a minimum, either letters, numbers, or a letter number combination.

Can anyone give me information on H/R 22 lr revolver. It should be safe to shoot assuming it is in functional condition and I hope you will enjoy it.

That all said, you might want to ask about your H&R .22 revolver in the modern handguns forum, or the commercial and sporting firearms forum, or the .22 shooters and collectors forum, as you may find more members who know more about it than you will here where the focus is on shotguns. My 1980 vintage Sportsman 999 revolver bearing "AU" code, spot on with above listing for that date.

Sorry, it is the historian in me always seeking footnotes and source information. I inherited the piece from my brother but may have originally belonged to my father. I'm not sure if H&R used the same dating format / codes across their product lines or if this information only applied to the shotguns.

A= 1986 H&R will only fit the original chambering(replacement for defective rifle), 357Mag, 44mag, and shotgun barrels to these frames B= 1987 C= 1988 D= 1989 E= 1990 F= 1991 G= 1992 H= 1993 I= 1994 J= 1995 k= 1996 L=1997 M=1998 N=1999 P=2000 R=2001 S=2002 T=2003 U=2004 V=2005 W=2006 X=2007 Y=2008 serial number prefixes changed in May 2008 and on, CBA for SB2 and CAC for SB1, the only source for build year is to call and ask [IMG]resource://skype_ff_extension-at-jetpack/skype_ff_extension/data/call_skype_logo.png[/IMG](866)776-9292 The first letter N = NEF, H = H&R, the second letter denotes year of manufacture. In any case, you probably have a model 999 Sportsman which was very well made, yet it remains underappreciated by collectors.

In addition to the first two characters of the serial number, it’s also imperative in many cases to know the model number.

The serial number, depending on the model of rifle, will either be located on the upper or lower stock tang, bottom of the receiver, or side of the receiver.

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They were only made under H&R brand for 2 years (1941 & 1942) before being sold to Sears, thereafter made by High Standard as I understand it.

As far as I know, H&R and NEF both offered the single shot shotguns as they are owned by the same parent company.

I think they have since dropped NEF as it was redundant. From the company's website: Freedom Group is the world’s leading innovator, designer, manufacturer, and marketer of firearms, ammunition, and related products for the hunting, shooting sports, law enforcement, and military markets.

Marlin made various Limited Edition / House Brand guns.

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Some of which do not line up with this serial number - date of manufacture convention.

If you see REM with a border around it, it is made after the Remington take over.

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