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22-Sep-2020 05:34

Don't forget if he doesn't pay his fines or if they have unpaid back child support the gov't can put a warrant to intercept your state tax return unless you file a form that keeps them from taking your return on your income only and not his (makes it separate). So I have to ask would marrying a felon affect my credit or capability of getting a job?Marrying a felon does NOT affect your credit nor does getting a job unless it's governmental. I can speak to the credit score issue if you have joint credit with someone who has bad credit (if you are married or not) it will impact your score, any loans or credit cards you try to obtain together will have a higher interest rate and most likely higher fees.As far as a job goes, unless you have some sort of security clearance his background won't impact you either.However, the last job I held, I had a governmental security clearance and because my son in law was Guatemalan, I had to declare him as contact with a foreigner, even though I only saw him briefly on occasion when I picked up the kids.Texas is especially unforgiving to the impaired physician or other professional, the sentences are severe and cause a complete loss of former position.Oh this is a good subject, even though you are a innocent spouse the "stink" of impropriety follows you. Being married to a felon will impact your lives as long as he is a felon.

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I know that it can affect (once he is home) where you live, like any kinda of governemnt housing, atleast in VA they won't rent to anyone with a violent felony or drug offense.. I think your husbnad credit score can affect yours, mine was so bad by itself, that wasn't even a concern of mine.By no means am I mad at my Mom for saying she doesn't want us to marry.

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