Dating a cancer leo cusp

27-Oct-2019 19:44

This cusp does a great job when it comes to accumulating material wealth and comfort for both, his/her own self and the ones he/she loves.This emphasizes on the fact that this cusp is capable enough to make the best of what life has to offer him/her.Then, can we say that the influence of these two signs in a single person is equally complementing? We give you all the information about a person born on Cancer-Leo cusp and explains the strengths and weaknesses that surround him/her.Cancer and Leo are the signs that are poles apart from each other!The sun is associated with masculine energy and is symbolic of daytime, while the moon is associated with the feminine energy and represents nighttime.Fire and water, sun and moon, sensitivity and fierceness, male and female, sounds quite oscillating, doesn't it?Focusing on the positives, this person is not the kind to leave someone in the middle of nowhere.

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Cancer-Leo possess many extraordinary qualities, one of them being the ability to recall even the minutest of details.While Leo can be quite unrealistic, and Cancer can be quite dreamy, a Cancer-Leo is quite practical and realistic, comparatively.This makes him/her quite responsible and inspiring among his/her peers.Romance, love, devotion, family, and loyalty form an integral aspect of a Cancer-Leo personality.

This person is passionate about love and will do all in his/her stride to give those he/she loves, a safe, secure, and abundant haven.This combo comes to a great advantage for this cusp, as the intuitive aspect of the moon and the energy of the sun can make this person the prime contributor in any endeavor.