Dating a busy girl on work

21-Nov-2019 17:18

What makes you think she's looking for something casual?

I guess the last two girls I saw casually didn't text me daily and weren't as affectionate etc, but I guess that doesn't mean much.

I think relationship is not a huge priority for her.

She's busy with school/career and want to date for fun and companionship.

I know since we're not exclusive, she's free to see other people..

but if that's the case that means she's being a bit shady to me with her availability. I'm not sure what to do if she cancels on me again on thursday.

I hadn't seen my bf for almost two weeks :/ and texted him maybe four times in two days because I was really stressed. It doesn't mean I don't love him, I simply cannot make time for him when I'm exhausted or my business needs attention. She can't make firm plans simply because she's too busy.

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TL; DR: Girl that's super busy with an insane schedule is starting to get hard to make plans with, and I can't tell if it's because she's genuinely busy/exhausted, or is trying to fit me into a rotation of other people she might be seeing.

Her profile does list "long term dating." Maybe that doesn't mean anything either, but it is a little misleading.

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