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11-Jun-2020 03:53

Many Directors of Education may genuinely believe they are well placed to deliver the new qualifications because head teachers tell them that is the case.Head teachers either don't know or won't admit that they really don't know if their school is or is not."As far as I'm aware curriculum means a course of study over a variety of subjects, and for most people this is understood as a national curriculum which children in Primary and up to the end of the second year/ third year in Secondary will all follow, at which point they will choose options .

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Teachers do not really understand the curricular frameworks.This first rears its ugly head in primary schools in coverage of 'specialist' subjects such as Art and Design, Languages, Music and Drama.Due to financial pressures, primaries are making choices of what they can cover in those areas.So if the theme was 'Russia', then History could do the revolution, English a Russian author, Home economics could get a samovar going etc.

Another example might be different departments linking up to work on a project.

For instance a child who has been doing a subject in S1 or S2 may find a different curricular model at a different school which makes certain subjects unavailable and if a child moves from a school which has followed a 3-3 model to a 2-2-2 school at the end of third year they will find that the 2-2-2 pupils will have spent more time on the subjects they have opted for." We have worked very hard to embrace the principles set out in all BTC (Building the Curriculum ) documents. The idea behind Cf E feels like an idea born out of a service with money and time , but it has to live in a world with a diminishing well of both. The differing systems of 2-2-2 and 3-3 means this system is not equitable across regions.