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Fewer than 30 people, all based in California, operate the system, which offers classifieds and forums for 450 cities. Every month more than 30 million notices are posted to the craigslist system.The chart above shows the difference between the size before and after optimization.Chicago Personals Ads images are well optimized though. One of the ads to which the Lawyers' Committee objects contains the phrase “Catholic Church and beautiful Buddhist Temple within one block”. It would be necessary to increase that staff (and the expense that users must bear) substantially to conduct the sort of editorial review that the Lawyers' Committee demands-and even then errors would be frequent. A web host that does filter out offensive material is not liable to the censored customer. 1646 (1947), but whether there is a conflict is the question on the table. Causation in a statute such as § 3604(c) must refer to causing a particular statement to be made, or perhaps the discriminatory content of a statement. Our opinion in Doe explains why § 230(c) as a whole cannot be understood as a general prohibition of civil liability for web-site operators and other online content hosts: Section 230(c)(2) tackles this problem [of potential liability for hosting pornographic pictures] not with a sword but with a safety net. An interactive computer service “causes” postings only in the sense of providing a place where people can post.

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But lots of notices posted on craigslist concern apartment buildings, condominiums, and single-family homes owned by someone who has a portfolio of four or more rental properties. Web sites are not common carriers, but screening, though lawful, is hard. An online service could hire a staff to vet the postings, but that would be expensive and may well be futile: if postings had to be reviewed before being put online, long delay could make the service much less useful, and if the vetting came only after the material was online the buyers and sellers might already have made their deals.