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12-Jul-2020 02:29

Beautifully portrayed by the characters and civilians who cross your path.As you walk your way around City 17 you get a second-hand picture of what’s going on as you overhear conversations and take in the vibe.You can see the effort that’s been put into them just by watching them go about their tasks and interacting with each other.There are no pre-rendered scenes in the game at all.Of the three titles I’ve played this year that have shone in the graphics department, Half-Life 2 beats both Far Cry and Doom 3.It’s a relatively close call, visually as those two titles are great to look at and feature all the recent advances gamers have come to expect but Half-Life 2‘s Source engine has a couple of extra strings to its bow. The models are excellent, they move incredibly smoothly, without sharp edges or overlapping polygons and they express very well.

A few of the characters from Half-Life have survived and are your link to what’s going on.You’re not there for long though, soon enough you’ll be armed and on your adventure.Along the route you’ll meet some of the enemies from the first installment, along with a host of new sub-human and alien creatures and machines.Developed for this title it’s a state-of-the-art technology which outrivals every other gaming engine currently available.

Physics is the plotline of this game, and its also the one significant element that really does make this the best game of its class, and, well, the best game of the year. From the exceptionally good intro sequence; a long and winding travel through the ubiquitous Black Mesa labs from entry to your assigned position, you, Dr.

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