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Those who plan and set their networking goals find that they can indeed broaden their circles; yet surprisingly, few businesspeople – even the savvy ones – do this enough. Take out a pen and paper and start to define your goals.Saying that you want a new job, want more clients, want to increase your business is not clear.and I’ve shown people that a few simple “dating strategies” can be adapted for career networking with amazing results. For starters, everyone has felt nervous or apprehensive at one time or another during the dating process.

If you aren’t great at being accountable, get an accountability partner.But saying that you want a new job in a specific field, or even in a specific company, helps people know what to “give” you.Put your networking goals into the short-term (month-by-month), long-term (next year or two), and the future (two-to-five years from now).Whether dating is a distant memory for you, or whether you are currently navigating your way through today’s dating pool, there are some really good reasons to approach the concept of business networking much like you’d approach dating.

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In fact, throughout my 25 years of networking, I’ve often pointed out how similar dating and networking really are…

Goals are great to have as they keep us focused, they give us something to work towards, and they motivate us.

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