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He got a Jio SIM card five months ago and then purchased his first smartphone, a Nokia, for about 5,000 rupees ().Dan is now obsessed with Whats App, which counts India as its biggest market, and You Tube.It was simply about being able to reach people by phone and access services in a country with the fastest growing web in the world."I want to speak to my children who live in the city," said Jamna Devi, a resident from the nearby village of Faledi. If our animals wander off, how do we call neighboring villages to find out where they went?

The 26-year-old works as a stone supplier in the city of Jaisalmer, about 40 miles from Devi's village.India has more unconnected people than any other country, and other features that make it the biggest opportunity in global tech today.China’s internet is largely closed off and Brazil has less than a fifth of India’s population.Some of the younger villagers did have smartphones, the ones who traveled to work as day laborers in Jaisalmer on the one bus a day to the city.

There they'd use Whats App and You Tube, services that are useless in their unconnected village.

amna Devi got her first cellphone about a year ago.