Classic teen dating etiquette film 1940

26-Oct-2019 10:47

Classic hilarious scenes include Mom commenting, I hope Jeff doesnt feel he has the right to…take liberties.

Going Steady is an exemplary manifestation of conservative societys fears about what is now considered harmless behavior. Produced: 1958 Length: 19 Minutes How Much Affection?

All the rigid social ceremonies and strict behavior is covered, with a right and wrong way to handle every situation.

Junior Prom is a wonderful examination of the history of the prom, as well as social structures and conformity in mid 20th century America.

Its a match made in heaven, as these two flirt at the rummage sale, then have a picnic!

Things get sillier as the young men learn how to save money on dates and keep things from getting boring, though these activities would make a current teenager comatose.

Each teen relates a story about a time where they were asked to do something they didnt want to do.

The group of kids in this movie represents the varied emotional and physical development that exists in Georges age group.

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