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11-Sep-2019 13:59

See the website FAQ section to find answers to questions. Take a look at our suggested “What to Bring List.” Be aware that many retailers will offer their own packing list.If you still have questions about the program or books, please contact [email protected] 303-963-3289. Some of it may or may not pertain to CCU, so when shopping take along our list and compare. Parking is free at CCU, but you do need to register your vehicle. You can pick up your parking permit sticker at WOW. While we have a safe campus, unfortunately each year we have a few bicycle thefts.Please submit this to the Admission Office as soon as possible.You may use the Institutional Transcript Request Form (PDF) for this purpose.Congratulations on being admitted to CCU's College of Undergraduate Studies!

We hope you find this website helpful as you prepare to experience your faith at CCU.

If you have been awarded student loans, go to the U. Department of Education Direct Loans website and sign your Master Promissory Note.