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“If I were to pick a first love, he would definitely be my pick,” Evert says of Connors, even 25 years later, “because a little bit of that influence stays with you throughout your life.” International Tennis writer Peter Bodo says of the pairing, “It was a match made in Heaven, not on Earth, which is probably why it didn’t last.” Meanwhile, Evert had turned pro in December of 1972 on the occasion of her 18th birthday, and at that time signed a contract with Wilson tennis racquets on her parent’s front porch.Neither Chris’ nor Wilson’s loyalty to each other ever swayed throughout her entire professional playing career, until the very last ball was struck at the end of the 1989 Federation Cup finals victory over Conchita Martinez.Tossing tennis balls out of a shopping cart, he taught little Chrissie and her four siblings the basics of tennis, with hand-me-down racquets.“I remember him saying ‘Racquet back, turn sideways, step in when you hit the ball’ and I remembered those three (fundamental) things forever,” says Chrissie in retrospect.The desire on both of their parts to be number 1 in the world was greater than their desire for either to give up their careers for domestication.

Chris and Jimmy, shown with their trophies after Connors’ victory 7/6, planned to wed on Ft. July 6, 1974 Wimbledon, England, UK But by early 1976, all bets were off.They shared the Champion’s dance and made headlines about “The Love Match” the world-over with their wedding engagement announced for October.