Chloe green dating ollie and spencer

14-Apr-2020 05:01

On a night out with the girls in an attempt to bond, Spencer's reputation is further brought into question when his ex Louise Thompson visits from Edinburgh, commenting she too was weary of Caggie when she dated him.

When Spencer invites Funda on a night out she declines stating she's too tired.

He races to Heathrow Airport in an attempt to catch up with her.

When he arrives there, Millie greets him, telling him he's too late, and that Caggie's plane has already taken off, to Spencer's sadness.

He was last seen suggesting a date with Jess Woodley, but departed the series to join ITV's I'm a Celebrity... as a contestant, Spencer appeared in all eight episodes of the first series, initially with his then-girlfriend Funda Onal, and often alongside best friend Hugo Taylor.

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It also notably expands Spencer's close friendship circle beyond Hugo, introducing his other best friends, the "boys" Jamie Laing, shortly followed by Oliver Proudlock.Caggie is shocked to hear this, and upon him suggesting they both date, she rejects him, leaving him crestfallen.Further upset awaits when the group return to London, as Funda hears word that Spencer has taken Caggie to Cannes.Weary of her reaction to him spending time with Caggie, Spencer doesn't tell Funda he's going to her first London gig, and when he finally reveals to her she's unhappy with him.

This sets in motion Funda's desire to meet Caggie for herself, and it becomes apparent to Caggie how close Funda is to Spencer.

Spencer then questions why she's withdrawn and that she never wants to socialise, leading to another argument.