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Support Services 4.1 Shelters Several sources indicate that there is not a sufficient number of shelters for victims of domestic violence (UN 22 Aug. 4.1.2 NGO Shelters Sources indicate that there are some NGOs that operate shelters for victims of domestic violence (US 27 Feb. Sources indicate that this law has yet to be implemented (CLCI 15 Apr. According to the CLCI attorney, while some individuals and/or NGOs have received state-supported legal aid, the benefit "has been limited so far" and most victims of domestic violence who receive legal aid do so through donor-funded projects by NGOs, which is how the CLCI's legal aid is funded (15 Apr. According to the researcher, two NGOs provide legal assistance to victims of domestic violence in Tirana who appear in court, but the rest of the country is left unaided (22 Apr.

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Translation from database of the Organization for Security and Co-operation in Europe (OSCE).

According to the UN Special Rapporteur, the victim was not given a security escort and was attacked while walking her children to school (ibid.). According to the CLCI attorney, the NGO shelters work in cooperation with the municipalities but generally do not receive funding from the municipalities (CLCI 15 Apr. She said that the NGO shelters are a bit more flexible than the national shelter and can accommodate victims without a protection order if the victim "denounces" the domestic violence and starts the process of obtaining a protection order (ibid.). According to the CLCI attorney, there are some regional hotlines that offer services 8 hours/day, but there is a need for a national hotline offering 24 hour/day services since violence often occurs at night (15 Apr. According to Data Centrum, there are regional hotlines in Korça, Shkodra, Vlora, and Durrës (Oct. The European Commission describes reintegration services for domestic violence victims as "minimal" (EU 16 Oct. The attorney at CLCI stated that she was not aware of any long-term housing programs for victims of domestic violence and, while there may be some opportunities for women to participate in employment training, there are few "concrete results" in terms of finding employment (15 Apr. The Data Centrum report also states that there are "insufficient employment and vocational services for victims of domestic violence," as well as insufficient and delayed economic assistance for victims, and a lack of rehabilitative and psycho-social services for perpetrators (Oct. This Response was prepared after researching publicly accessible information currently available to the Research Directorate within time constraints. Correspondence from an official in the International Cooperation and Coordination Directorate to the Research Directorate.

Annual Report on the Activity of the People's Advocate 1st January - 31 December 2012.

Similarly, AI noted that punishments for perpetrators who break the conditions of the protection orders "are not consistently implemented" (Oct. The CLCI attorney said that the violation of protection orders is one of the biggest challenges facing victims of domestic violence (15 Apr. The UN Special Rapporteur reported a case from September 2011 in which a victim of domestic violence who reported her case to the police and had a protection order was inadequately protected and was subsequently killed by her husband (23 Apr.

The UN Human Rights Committee expressed concern about "the lack of follow-up to protection orders, rendering them largely ineffective" (ibid.). The Law on Legal Aid was amended in May 2013 to grant exemptions from court fees and court expenses for beneficiaries of legal aid, including victims of domestic violence (AI Oct. "Albania: Government Needs to Take Prompt Action to Ensure Protection and Respect for Victims of Domestic Violence." (EUR 11/005/2012) [Accessed 7 Apr.