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However, they still had no luck and so assumed it was lost somewhere in the hotel room, until Nadia boarded the flight back to Australia the next day.

Sat on the plane, Nadia began to feel slightly uncomfortable.

Even before the news conference started, however, the case had begun to fall apart.

Some sex workers – potential witnesses against the organizers – were gone.

Police across the nation have touted sex spa stings for years as evidence that they are cracking down on rampant human trafficking. I don’t know if anyone has a really good handle on who the masterminds are.”Polaris estimated that 9,000 illicit massage parlors operate in the USA based on reviews on Rubmaps, a Yelp for sex spas, bringing in about .5 billion a year. Florida law enforcement often falls back on charging women working in the massage parlors.

The publicity surrounding these operations hit a high in February in raids in South Florida that led to charges against New England Patriots owner Robert Kraft, who police said was caught on video paying for sex acts. And any notion of going after higher-ups who profit from trafficking, including international crime figures bringing women from overseas, never materialized.“Almost every local law enforcement that does one of these cases, the quote usually is, ‘We think we’re getting the tip of the iceberg,’ ” said Brad Myles, CEO of Polaris, a nonprofit group that operates the National Human Trafficking Hotline. Hints of a broader organization not touched by law enforcement stings hover beneath the surface. Of the 57 arrested in the three recent raids, all but three were women, mostly immigrants from China but also Cuba, Haiti, Guatemala and elsewhere. Massage parlors seem to be in perpetual motion, as if stuck on spin cycle. Names and addresses are added and removed, swapped from one company to another or discarded when the pressure is on.

He had knocked the woman to the ground, lay on top of her, then exhibited what police suspect was mating behaviour.

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