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Eye Xam for Android Eye Xam for Apple devices Amsler Grid App. This app displays the time on your i Phone or i Pad.

This app can help you test and monitor vision changes related to macular degeneration or other distortion in your vision field resulting from damage to the macula. It also displays the date in the region format and language that your device is set to. This web browser extension increases the readability of websites and is fully customizable.

It helps make sure you're paying the proper amount at the register and can also check that you receive the right amount of change.

Last time we checked, the app supported 21 currencies.

During bright days, UV light can reflect off sand, water or snow and cause serious damage to your eyes.

Assist blind people with important, everyday tasks like reading labels, receipts and those really-hard-to-see product expiration dates.

Don't worry if you can't take a request — the app will move on to another available helper in the network. The developer says this is a fun way to learn both contracted and uncontracted Unified English Braille (grades 1 and 2).

You can even compete in time trials against your friends.

English, Spanish, Mandarin, French, Italian, German, Russian, Japanese and several other languages are available for the voice-over feature.

Nant Mobile Money Reader for Apple devices Contact Lens Tracker.Contact Lens Tracker for Apple devices My Therapy Medication Reminder & Pill Tracker.