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29-May-2020 13:48

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White House relations with the Press are worse than ever: relations in the U. have worsened under Obama: The percentage of adult Americans in the workforce is at the lowest level in 36 years: Median annual income is down 4% during Obama's presidency: Obama has failed to keep his promise to close Guantanamo Bay prison. - China relations are the worst since normalization thirty-five years ago: Obama, the U. has allowed Iran and ISIS to begin gobbling up the Middle East.(I could argue the second Gulf war as well, but won't) Stuff neither here nor there Foreign relations are definitely not good, but neither are they especially bad.Social progress on gay rights and legalization of marijuana but none of that is really his doing.Especially if it is due to poor handling, or negligence.

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He has had 6 years to judge him on, so it is hardly premature to start talking about it. It is not inherently good to not start wars or not get involved in any. Other than expand welfare programs and other government spending in countless ways, what has Obama accomplished in the most important areas of his responsibilities as President? I don't think closing GB is Obama's fault - it's congress'. There's more, no doubt, but that is enough for now.He broke the economy, put the world on the path of we are on now with the Middle East, and did nothing domestically to speak of other than his non action on social issues and his disastrous handling of Katrina, and his removal our rights to privacy and legitimizing torture is a direct and permanent attack on Americans.

At least Obama did something about one of them but made the other worse.

I certainly thinks it's premature since he still has time left !