Blake lively and penn badgley still dating 2016

22-Oct-2019 09:13

They spent the holidays together at his Vancouver family home which surely deepened their commitment. Soon, she was a regular in his Vancouver hometown, spending the holidays at home with his family.

By October 2011 Lively was sneaking up to Reynold’s R. Lively and Reynolds say they prefer to keep a low profile, and they didn’t let a lot of people in on the secret wedding.

” Lively and Reynolds were joined in holy -and hilarious- matrimony in September 2012 in Charleston, South Carolina.

Interestingly, Lively was fitted for her Gossip Girl character’s wedding dress just one day after getting married to Ryan Reynolds in real life.

In August 2011, they were bike riding in New York (with Lukas Haas). Because in October 2011, she was with Ryan Reynolds, seen leaving his apartment in Boston where he was working on a movie. Because Ryan is on the cover of the new PEOPLE as the Sexiest Dad Alive and he’s talking about how their relationship started – and that’s not personal or private, at all, by the way.

Two months later they were still together, spotted together in Santa Barbara.

Let’s see what the original cast have been up to since the show signed off with its final ‘xoxo.’ Lively was already known before landing the role of beautiful-yet-damned ‘It girl’ Serena van der Woodsen, having starred in 2005’s The Sisterhood of the Travelling Pants.

Her time as Serena launched her to new heights, turning her into a style icon and fashion-favourite.

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Jenny ‘Little J’ Humphrey managed to get under the skin of the Upper East Side elite, and many of the fans.Before his legal problems, Westwick went on to star in films including The Chalet Girl and 2013’s Romeo & Juliet.