Black college dating

16-Dec-2019 07:26

For the last 5-6 years since she's been back in MD from college, she has only dated white guys, and only hangs out w/ white people. But thats the thing I need to find it in my heart to put it behind me, even though she did this when I didnt even know her. So, you hold it against her how she "was when she was younger" when you reconcile that within yourself as part of your past? She has not been around with many guys, like alot of girls you see, and has a bright future ahead of her...

I also know that she has black friends from college, her old roomate was a black girl from the track team, and her first dorm mate was a black girl on the track team. I know its only right to forgive and forget, however sometimes its morally challenging to think what people have done.might do again. ) Immediately I was turned off, and felt almost betrayed, because myself would never "date" a black girl, although at one point in time I would have slept with one, just because of how I was when I was younger. For the last 5-6 years since she's been back in MD from college, she has only dated white guys, and only hangs out w/ white people.

Just imagine if you stayed with her and had children with her.

How could you look at your child and live with yourself knowing that his/her mother had been with a black?

If it's just the one guy, it sounds like it was a one-time mistake.

If you're talking marriage, she'd be giving up ALL other guys for you -- think of that. Yes, well, then there's always the issue of why they're virgins, especially in life, and if they won't be tempted to stray later "wondering", or end the marriage to "see the world".

If I were you, I would not bring it up again -- it only reopens old wounds.

I am not trying to be ignorant, I just want to make sure she is not attracted to a black guy anymore, light or dark skinned. If you can put it behind you, then I see nothing wrong with it. However, make sure she gets an STD test before you stay with her if you choose to. I dont mean to get too personal, however lets put it this way, she has been with less than 5 guys at 26 years old, and is a very attractive girl.I also asked my girlfriend what she would think if her and I ever had kids, and her 15 year old daughter brought home a black guy to date.She said that she wouldn't put up w/ it, and wouldn't allow it.Uber1NH You should break up with her as soon as possiable.

For she has commited an act which there is no forgivness for.But, if she's willing to forgive your "sexual mistakes" and you admit to your own sexual tendency including a Black had opportunities been different when you were the same age, I think you should see past this one-time thing given all the other things you've said about her.

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