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01-Oct-2019 11:23

Bisexuals, according to the study, are four times as likely to report attempted suicide than gays and lesbians, and twice as likely than heterosexuals. because I wouldn’t want to add another layer of discrimination on top of the racism, sexism, and ableism I already face in the workplace,” said Priyanka, a bisexual woman who asked that not use her real name.Forty-nine (49) percent of bisexuals reported not being out at work, compared to 24 percent of gays and lesbians. “I am closeted to everyone in my family except for my parents, sister, and cousin,” she said.

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even more troubling, a person who was previously dating someone of the same gender may be ‘kicked out’ or unwelcome at queer events if they start dating someone of a different gender.” Gabrielle Blonder, who coordinates the support groups for the BRC, echoed Estrop’s observation.

Battles of the Sexes Priyanka said that notions around masculinity and acceptable heteronormative behaviors contribute to a stark contrast between the acceptance of bisexual men and women.