Best airlines for accommodating disabilities

02-Nov-2020 05:56

According to Tony Tyler, CEO and Director General of IATA (International Air Transport Association), This figure shows that more and more people prefer to travel by taking a flight, perhaps due to several reasons: it is a mode of transportation that is safer, quicker, cheaper or more convenient.Because of the rising number of people who prefer air travel, more airlines promote inclusion by offering additional services for passengers with a disability and for travelers who require assistance, so they could enjoy the facilities and benefits of wheelchair accessible airlines.Whether we are tourists going on our regular vacations or we are on a supported holiday in Australia or in any part of the world, we always aim to be guaranteed of a comfortable journey and a relaxed time via any mode of transport that we take.Many people find flying as the ideal way to travel.That’s usually a three-seats-aisle-three-seats configuration. A twin-aisle aircraft (a 747 or an A380, for instance) often has two seats, aisle, four seats, aisle, two seats.A double-aisle aircraft generally has a larger restroom.These are aisle wheelchairs, manual self-propelled wheelchairs and motorised wheelchairs that passengers can use as they enter and leave the boarding gates, as well as slide boards and slide sheets.The said equipments shall be booked through the Virgin Australia Guest Contact Centre in advance.

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The good news is that most airlines in Australia are offering Disability Access Facilitation Plans that benefit people with disabilities and promise them of a well-accommodated and delightful flight experience.

Most commercial aircraft come in two configurations: single aisle and double aisle.