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03-Sep-2020 23:37

But any payments you made prior to consolidating will no longer count toward the PSLF program if you’re planning to use it. So if, for instance, you’ve been making payments for five years and are eligible for PSLF, it might be better to manage multiple monthly payments for another five years than to consolidate and wait ten years before your loans are forgiven. You can also consolidate your federal student loans by refinancing with a private lender. Before you apply, we recommend comparing terms and repayment options of at leastso you can be sure you’re getting a loan that works best for you.

See also: You can consolidate your federal student loans online through the U. Once you’ve considered how the monthly payments and total payment amounts will impact your current financial situation, fill out the online application for the bank that meets your needs.

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You also get a new loan if you consolidate with the federal government, but the resulting interest rate is simply the weighted average of all the interest rates on all your old loans.

We recommend comparing the terms and repayment options of at least three different lenders before you apply.

See our picks for You can consolidate other private and federal loans by refinancing with a private lender.

Before you jump head-first, it's important to understand how student loan consolidation works. Consolidation works by combining several several loans into a single monthly payment.

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If you have federal student loans, you have two options for consoldation: through a Direct Consolidation Loan or by refinancing through a private lender. This not only simplifies your student loan repayment, but it can also lower the monthly amount you pay toward student loan debt.

Consolidation through a federal Direct Consolidation Loan helps streamline your monthly student loan payments while allowing you to: As we mentioned above, there are some important things to consider before you apply to consolidate your student loans, like whether you’ll lose access to federal benefit programs.