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The authorities must have been convinced the guy had gone as far as he’d go, or else they would’ve kept trolling him till he cracked.

Because he wouldn’t cross that line, and because they’d wasted so much taxpayer time/$ on their failed sting (instead of going after the actual Kavanaughs in their community), they had to cut their losses and try to nail him anyway to avoid admitting they’d neglected real victims in their crusade to create a fake victim.

And after a thousand emails and phone calls, he never said anything like, “Let’s meet. Jones’ lawyer that I was clearly an expert, warm and persuasive, and that they had learned a great deal from me about psychology and sexuality. We can't know—although practically nothing in his behavior indicated that he was.

They said they were troubled by the flaws I had pointed out in the prosecution’s case, and they laughed at the D. Several said if they were ever in trouble, they hoped they’d be represented in court as well as Mr. He didn't do any of the things that an adult would do if that were their intention.

His lawyer hired me as an expert in erotic fantasy role-play. Some do it through Second Life, some through Civil War reenactments, some through World of Warcraft—and some through chatrooms.

I read transcripts of the phone calls and texts which had led to the arrest. Some adults play with fantasy roles in their bedrooms.

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In the end, fear was primarily what the 12 jurors relied upon. I'm afraid this is an example of what happens when police can no longer fill their days raiding homes looking for marijuana. Without criminals, they wouldn't exist, so when a state eliminates one crime, turning criminals into law abiding citizens, police will respond by turning law abiding citizens into criminals.

I’m on my way home from Denver, where I testified as an expert witness at a deeply troubling trial—a trial that has become way too common in America. Jones”, goes into a Yahoo adult chatroom, and makes it clear he wants to have conversations about sexually dominating a young person.

While filing a harassment claim can be stressful for all parties involved, the EEOC does try to ensure that claims are settled fairly.… continue reading »

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