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24-Mar-2020 04:28

But in reality, this is something many people I know would rather avoid than seek out.“I would never open any dating app while home,” said a friend, a 26-year old straight woman who works in tech and who goes home to Boise, Idaho for the holidays.Going home for the holidays can act as a kind of regression.Most of us know people, whether our friends, our partner, even our own parents, who suddenly turn into their teen or pre-teen self once they step foot in the house where they grew up.I don’t want to risk seeing someone I know.”“It’s funny, because these are all the same people from my hometown I see on Facebook,” says another friend, a 28-year old bisexual woman working in the restaurant industry, who is from a town in the San Francisco Bay Area, near where I also grew up.“But when one of them pops up on Tinder, it’s like I’m seeing their secret lives.” The nostalgia of being back home often brings up the desire to see if friends have changed, to check on the people you’ve mostly lost touch with, and see who they have become.

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A hookup with somebody in your hometown is likely to be just that, a hookup.For many of us, hometowns allow the luxury of a brief period of stasis, a rare few days of doing nothing. Talking about the holidays with my friends after they’d returned from visiting family all around the U. After a few days rooting through high school yearbooks and catching up with parents or siblings, people may start looking for other entertainment.