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07-Dec-2019 08:43

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I just want to pay these damn student loans off and am getting desperate as it seems any online job takes FOREVER to get any kind of feedback (if any at all).

Luckily we are both employed, but man, this would be a nice supplement. Ha Edit: I read about details being shared - the answer is no, but does not mention what is shared on the 1099. This includes random jobs, online employers, sites that pay you and ways to monetize websites.

Please note of the following revised forms: The Consulate also takes this opportunity to inform the public that effective 01 January 2018, the Consulate will issue regular/ordinary passports with a validity of ten (10) years for Filipino citizens who are eighteen (18) years old and above and regular/ordinary passports with a validity of five (5) years for those below eighteen years of age.

Please note that the Consulate will not be responsible for passports/documents that may be lost or damaged in the mail.

Kinda a red flag that they don't have all their stuff together. I have personally known ladies in the industry that have had their bank closed on them because of the adult industry connection.It’s an adult chat site where apparently you get paid 20cents per message. I am solely interested in this for the money and do not want to be judged come tax time (family member does taxes).

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