3 methods of dating artefacts

09-Apr-2020 12:44

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Basing on this principle, the cultural assemblages found in different layers can be assigned a chronological personality. In practice it is found that the mounds are disturbed9 by all sorts of pits and dumps.For example, if the cultural contents of the lower deposit are Mauryan in character, appropriately this deposit may be assigned a date between 400-200 B. Similarly, if the cultural equipment of the upper deposit are of the Sunga period, this deposit has to placed between 200-73 B. Quite often, the archaeologist decided the change of stratum on the basis of the feed of the deposit.The deposit thus occurring forms layers depending on the nature of the material brought in by the people inhabiting the area.

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Adrian Grahams began writing professionally in 1989 after training as a newspaper reporter.Even when the absolute dates are available, we have to supplement the information with relative dating.