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02-Jul-2020 10:26

However, people used to say that those talented people are often trouble makers.A talented artist also need an open and friendly environment to bring into play all of his abilities. Their freedom policy helps their artists to develop themselves, but at the same time, it also puts them in big scandals related to law.

So right now they are working on their Korean album and their US album/debut with Will.

On the show, Park Go Eun stated, “When my sister said she was debuting as a member …

Among 3 biggest entertainment companies in Korea: JYP Entertainment is usually complimented for their artists’ personalities, SM Entertainment is well-known for their artists’ attractive appearances as well as a number of dating scandals, and YG Entertainment is often praised for their artists’ talents.

Recently, a site published that Jennie (Black Pink) was dating with the producer Teddy.

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Immediately, YG sent an announcement saying that they would sue this site for publishing unreal rumor which affected both artists’ reputation. Moreover, YG also beat a journalist named K in a lawsuit.Before, YG Entertainment is known as cool, rebel and even odd styles even in their music such as 2NE1, Big Bang.