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A date was a date In the 40s and 50s, there was no confusion about what a date meant to either party. So if a man called a woman and asked her to dinner, he certainly had romance on his mind. Men and women are now often friends, and can stay friends without any romantic involvement, even once a relationship comes to an end.So inviting someone to a pub or restaurant or accepting such invitation is no longer a certain hint at romantic intentions.Bored Panda found the scanned images on Facebook and shared the not-so-helpful advice.Among the long list of suggestions are old doozies we’ve all heard before: “Be nice to everybody — they may have an eligible brother or son;” “Forget discretion every once in a while and call him up;” “Dropping the handkerchief still works.” However, there were more than a few completely bizarre recommendations included as well.Qualifying purchases made via these links may earn us a small commission at no additional cost to you. So many experts have come out with learned treatises on how to land an eligible bachelor, I thought it about time for an experienced amateur to speak up. He works for a company that manufactures razor blades; so naturally, we both eat, sleep and dream razor blades — which, of course, sometimes gives me nightmares. Actually, she was interested in any kind, she said, and would do anything to get out of that furnished room. She felt her living in New York had not been successful. She liked people, and felt that if she only got started she would make friends, meet pleasant men and even get married.There is one big difference between their fancy methods and mine. About eighteen months ago, my niece, Betsy came to New York from a small town in Massachusetts. She felt that even if she did meet a fellow, she really didn’t have a place where she could bring him. This was the situation that faced us when my husband went to work on the law of averages. With his usual good sense, George thought we should first attack what troubled Betsy most. She had tried a “Y” and felt lost in such a large place. We went through our list of friends and relatives who might possibly have an alcove to share.Competing for time Modern daters are busy with their lives, and if they’re not around when the phone rings, it is acceptable to call back when convenient or to arrange a second date through a text or email.Respond immediately to your date invitation If a lady was lucky enough to be asked out, it was her duty to respond immediately and of course with absolute politeness.

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Particularly if you are meeting in a public place (see below).HOW HAS DATING CHANGED SINCE PRINCESS ELIZABETH FIRST “STEPPED OUT” WITH HER DASHING PHILIP?

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